Photo By  Shannon Aubourg

P L A Y . M O R E

Playfulness is my favorite trait and it comes through in most of the work that I do.

As a photographer, food stylist, published writer, singer, mother and sustainability enthusiast, this culmination of creative experience has led to the view that incorporating a spirit of play into work is my simplest path for ongoing contentment. 

Various methods of storytelling and collaboration have long been my passion, as I attempt to capture transient moments to share with the world through my lens-- visually, sonically and by the written word-- in an attempt to relate and create meaning during my brief time on this planet.

As a child, I often played with mom's analog (film) camera and typed stories on dad's typewriter. Now, five years into my food photography career, I've shot at over 200 restaurants, collaborated with many brands, and have had my writing published in several publications.

I prefer to shoot freehand, using natural light, as I enjoy the freedom of organic fluidity while shooting. 

I'm still a kid at heart, continuing to do what I love, and finding new ways to hone my creative skills in order to benefit our world through local action. I also love supporting small business and non-profit organizations, to enhance our community and economy.